Time Marches On

Some lifespans (stones) outlive us humans. Some are so short that the only way to preserve their existence is by being photographed (waves). Time Marches On is a project consisting of numerous small series within the same. The motifs that may seem randomly selected at first sight is brought together by the subject they depict; the notion of time constantly moving forward.

The project unfolded itself in a period where I personally had trouble getting along with the thought of every second being a second closer to an end. I reflected on alternative ways to perceive and measure time. Tools that is not that exact and ruthless as the mechanical clock. I looked for signs of time passing by, both in nature and in daily life.

The series within the serie function like chapters in a book. Each chapter deals with a different view on the concept of time. Some of the photographs may seem to appear several times. But all images are individual photographs. Many of the pictures are taken with just a minor dislocation in time and perspective to construct an illusion of repetition, stressing the unstoppable progress of time marching on.