New Entities

The images depicts temporal situations, composed by materials and objects that could be described as ephemeral. The components and the situations has not been intended to last when produced. Foam edge protection strips, a bicycle tube or rays of light are some of these disposable materials and occurrences. However, by recording them through photographic images they’re fixated – turned permanent and becoming new entities.

In commercial still life, commodities are typically depicted in a glorious way, enhanced by convincing technical perfection. In New Entities – the commodities are replaced with the tools of labor. Tools that are used to manufacture products. The focus lies on the making rather than the final product. We’re invited the re-evaluate our values in material and objects.

In the creation of the images, a mix of both analog and digital processes have been used. This course of action enables an expansion of how we think of the photographic medium. Photographic tools are exposed, becoming a motif in itself. Just as society views graffiti, they may by some be seen as vandalized and in need of correction. New Entities is an antipole for photographic conventions as well as the commodity run world.