Accidents and Aftermath

Photographs are just like accidents. Similar to a car crash – they stop the progress of movement and time.

Looking at a photograph, we’re presented with a scene. We use it to investigate, to search for traces and clues of what has happened in the past. Trying to find logical reasons and a timeline to understand what has resulted in the photographed situation. Inherent in the photographic medium is a believe that what is pictured have occurred. Historically it’s been used as a medium of proof of existence.

Using photography as proof of something origins from its close relationship with reality. It renders the world in a highly accurate way, strikingly similar to humans optical perception of the world. But just like any relationship, it is not an absolute one. It can at any point in time change its direction and become something else – or even dissolve completely.

The show consist of 11 photographic works that together deals with our expectation of the photographic image. Can we be sure of what we have in front of us?

Shown at MELK Galleri in Oslo, Norway, between October 19 – November 11 2018.